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Acne Blue Face Soap

Best for treating acne.

Many diseases and infections are caused by bacteria and germs which live in the skin, specifically in the pores and crevasses. The Blue Soap kills all the bacteria in your pores to prevent germs and wounds from becoming septic. The soap has been specially formulated to contain a germicide which acts deep in the pores of the skin, removing the last traces of these disease causing germs. It contains a powerful germicide which has been used for hundreds of years, since the times of ancient Arabian physicians.


To achieve complete protection and maintain that healthy fresh appearance, it is important to wash regularly both in the morning and at night. Oil and bacteria are stored in your fingers making them a poor option to use when washing your face. Wash with a facial loofah for extra exfoliation, or a was cloth for sensitive skin. Rinse with warm water then follow with your toner and moisturizer.

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