About Us

Founded in 2004 by Margaret Muehleder, Tally Young Cosmetics & Skin Care introduced a new fading cream for ethnic women, which instantly became a favorite amongst West Indian, and African women. Our most popular items are our Blue Soap, which treats severe acne breakouts, and our fading creams, for evenly fading uneven skin tone, scars, spots on the face and stretch marks on the body. Most of the ingredients in our skin care line is grown and produced in Lagos, Nigeria.  We do not use artificial scents and all our cleansers and toners are alcohol free; guaranteeing you the freshest ingredients for your skin. 

In 2009, Tally Young expanded from the malls to Spa locations. We now have two locations in which you can come in and get pampered. We are a one stop beauty shop that offers not only Tally Young Cosmetics and Skin Care products, but also salon and spa services.