How to Use Your Tally Young 3 Step Kit

January 17, 2020

How to Use Your Tally Young 3 Step Kit

If this is your first time using Tally Young products allow me to welcome you on your new skin care journey! If you're a Tally Young veteran, I commend you on freshining up your skin care knowledge. It is very important to stay informed on the products you're using so they can be as effective as possible.

Step 1:

Start with a face soap or cleanser. Wash your face using a facial loofah to exfoliate or wash cloth for more sensitive skin.

Step 2:

Rinse off and grab your Toner. Using a cotton ball or pad to wipe your entire face.

Step 3:

Grab your Day Cream in the morning or Night Cream before bed and using a cutip, dip it into your cream and dot your entire face. Gently rub the cream into your skin in circular motions.